The salustiana orange variety is the most recent obtaining from the Mediterranean basin; it comes, by mutation, from the common spanish orange. It has multiplied in this country since 1950, as well as in North Africa. It is an orange with bloodless flesh, practically seedless, very rich in juice, with high productivity. Its major interest lies in its extreme earliness which allows it to be picked before the navel varieties. The characteristics of the tree, its vegetation, its foliage, its flowering are quite similar to those of other varieties of the same group, such as cadenera. The author gives a description of the pomological characters of the fruit. The technological part includes analyzes of salustiana orange from Algeria and Morocco. The study in Morocco of the variation of the chemical characteristics during the maturation allows to establish, in addition to the real precocity of this variety, its low acidity at maturity and its delay in the development of the coloring of the bark. A comparative study with the ripening process of washington navel and cadenera oranges shows a clear precocity of the salustiana variety compared to cadenera but a slight difference with washington navel.

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